Our Commitment

WE ARE TRAVELERS is a sustainable co-living community that is dedicated and has as a main value to create not only a sense of community and enjoyable living experience to our hosts, but also to prioritize environmental responsibility. In our co-living we have some rules to encourage eco-friendly choices in our day by day to make a meaningful difference for a more sustainable future.

We are fully aware of the drastic changes that are taking place in the world today, so we decided to make changes and believe that we can have a positive influence through the use of our furniture, electricity, gas and water.

Green City Map 🌱

📍 Gastronomy

Liberación Bar y Café Vegan

Rodríguez Peña 331

Mudra (Café Vegano)

Av. Córdoba 3942

Seibo – Plant Based

Azcuénaga 1876

Vegan Fox

Gorriti 5213

Fifi Almacén

Gorriti 4812


Av Caseros 454, San Telmo


O’Higgins 1520

Lado V

Honduras 4969

Orden Natural

Neuquen 1734

Gordo Vegano

Echeverría 3078

Craft Vegan Bakery

Av. Córdoba 2566

Loving Hut

Gorriti 4939

Casa Munay

Gorriti 5996

Cooperativa HUMO

Hidalgo 878

📍 Markets

Cero Market Supermercado sustentable

Paraguay 2417
Av Monroe 2468

Casa Vegana

Online Shop

Sentido Circular

Online Shop

Fifi Almacén

Gorriti 4812

📍 Health & Beauty

Terra Cosmetics

Online shop


Online Shop


Online Shop

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