Recoleta's Architectural Masterpiece

Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a place full of life and diversity, you will find one of our Co-livings. This neighborhood is known for its fine gastronomy, nightlife, and entertainment venues, as well as for its beautiful European-style architecture, its lively and pleasant environment. The atmosphere in this co-living is relaxed and casual, with spacious common rooms to share with other residents, designed to provide comfort and privacy to the people who occupy them. There are beds, individual closets, and separate storage areas for personal belongings, as well as private rooms and studios for those who prefer more privacy. The co-living area also has shared study and work spaces with high-speed Internet connection, where residents can meet with other roommates, share ideas and collaborate on projects, which can be very useful for those working in creative or business areas. When it's time to relax, residents can enjoy the pool table or our outdoor "beer terrace" where there is a grill, ideal for gathering, socializing and enjoying a good meal together, getting to know the people with whom you live even better, and expanding your cultural horizons.  This is especially valuable for those who are far from home, as they can feel more comfortable and welcomed when interacting with others in a similar situation. If you want to live an unforgettable experience in Argentina, don't hesitate to visit our Co-Living in Palermo, the perfect place for tourists, students and professionals who want to get to know the city from an authentic perspective and enjoy the porteño culture to the fullest. 

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