Our values

Promoting sustainability and fostering a sense of community are somehow values associated with building a more environmentally responsible and socially conscious world. By demonstrating respect for others and their diversity, supporting the local and circular economies, embracing the sharing community and celebrating art and culture.

We are both professionals with over 15 years of experience each in different areas. One of us specializes in hospitality, Co-Living, international business development other focuses on architecture, decoration, remodeling, and maintenance. Together, we have formed a company dedicated to the real estate sector with a focus on Co-Livings and temporary rentals. Our goal is to provide quality accommodation to digital nomads and travelers in general.

Our combination of complementary experience and skills allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services, from the construction and design of spaces to their management. We are committed to providing unique and memorable experiences to our clients, always focused on quality and excellence.

Heidi López

Founder @WeAreTravelersHouse Coliving
Ex-JPMorgan Chase & Co
Global Shaper @WorldEconomicForum

Leonel Meloni

CEO @WeAreTravelersHouse Coliving
Founder & CEO @Godzilla.Arg Construcciones

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